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Some Things you should know about us.

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We are a team trying to select the most delicate music remixes and songs for our listeners. We work hard to bring you such enjoyment! Everyone has its role so they can do their best in their profession.

Music Genres

Our goal is to select chillout genre and deep house or house songs by which we try to satisfy your need for relaxing music. We sometimes accept other genres such as dupstep or drum and bass, but we also prefer them to have soft and calming rythms.

Perfect Selection

Also we aim to not overdo things we try to be the a quality chillout youtube channel and the goal is to reach perfection. If a song doesn't fit our taste, then we might consider removing them, but only after making sure it is best for our community!

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Jessica Hart - In The Dark

Channel: Magical Music

Description ๐Ÿ”Š Presenting Jessica Hart - In The Dark

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๐Ÿ“œ Lyrics :

[Verse 1]
I'm lying in the dark
In the darkness of our love
I'm lying in the dark
Thinking who did I become
Everything I do, I own it
Everything I do, you got me wrong
I wanted to be you
I wanted to fly along with you

In the dark
In the dark
I'm lying in the dark
In the dark
In the dark
In the dark
I'm lying

[Verse 2]
Every time you're feeling down
I got you crying on my shoulder
And every time when I get lonely
You're always there to give me shelter
And every time you got me thinking
We could do this forever
You put me down and now I'm sinking
Now I'm sinking, I'm sinking, I'm sinking

In the dark
In the dark
I'm lying in the dark
I'm lyring in the dark

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